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Going out/drinking for the first time in a while. I’m pretty excited. I don’t know what this gifset is about though. I tried.

Going out/drinking for the first time in a while. I’m pretty excited. I don’t know what this gifset is about though. I tried.

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Lmao I ordered decals for our cars and Chuck didn’t really want one so I got him a cat reading because it’s hilarious. He rolled his eyes so hard when he saw what I did to his car.

Of course, I got myself a poodle.

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Not guilty!!!

I am relieved to say we came to a unanimous decision of not guilty for this DWI case.

I’ll be honest, at the beginning of the trial I was dead set that this girl was guilty. But it didn’t take long to realize (for any of the jurors) that this poor girl did not even begin to deserve to be on trial.

Things I learned today:

  • A crappy cop can tie up your life for 2 years. I’ve never personally had a bad experience with a police officer, but this cop was terrible. He performed his job completely incompetently and based on what I saw, he had no legitimate reason to arrest this girl. It was horrific, even the prosecutor admitted that he made a ton of mistakes (mistakes that ultimately caused the defendant to not pass the sobriety tests)
  • Do NOT consent to a breathalyzer test if you are ever under suspicion of DWI. Even if you’re innocent, the results can do nothing but harm you if they choose to prosecute (and breathalyzers are capable of errors)
  • Hire the best damn lawyer you can afford and let them do their jobs (seriously, her lawyer did an excellent job) Do not represent yourself, you will likely fail.
  • Be respectful, but firm with police officers—You have rights and if you don’t feel comfortable with something, get a lawyer. (this girl was on point with how she handled the police officer in the video and ultimately it helped prove her innocence)
  • Speaking up feels REALLY good. I said what I thought among the jury and they liked what I had to say and agreed with me, and it felt really really good. What a confidence booster, seriously.

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I got picked!

Good news:  I got selected. (ie: I kept my opinions to myself during the selection period and no one crossed me out)

Bad news: I have to take another day off work so that kind of sucks. They spent ALL day today questioning the possible jurors and selecting for 3 cases. It was really exhausting and I still have a tension headache.

Good news: I get to be on the jury and I LOVE jury duty and I’m super excited to hear all the details of the case tomorrow.

Bad news: I feel bad that some girl’s life is more or less in my hands a little (me and 5 others) I’m getting anxious about trying to influence a small group of people if necessary.

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I’m at jury duty and I’m number 56 out of 250 and only about 50 people showed up.(pretty sad huh?)

The cases are for driving while intoxicated and I really wanna be on the jury.

Pick me pick me pick me, lol.